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Sketchbook - Music
Pages inspired by gigs, concerts or just chilling with some good tunes on.

A really fantastic night. Carried deep into trance by the brilliant James Yorkston, Jon Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan. Truly mesmerising.

(ok so I made up Captain Cello as his name wasn't actually on the bill)
I really enjoyed their strangely uplifting melancholic sound.

A truly spectacular performance by the NYC based jazz phenomenon. They blew me away with their energy, charisma and wonderful music. I want to see them again.

One of my most exciting discoveries in recent years. They've got an awesome sound, I recommend a listen. (they've also got a few copies of this! ;)

I'd really like to say that this is how they look, but the night was hazy, and there was a pre-sketch sketch which was pretty wild.

The band jammed with the rest of the supporting acts at the end of the night. It was a good party.

I named this piece after an album by Nightmares on Wax which inspired the moment. It is one of the earliest of my music sketches, which to me, represents a turning point in my understanding and enjoyment of drawing.

There were actually two albums by the band which inspired me, the other is called Mind Elevation. Both remind me of my early days in Italy, and the sense of relief and calm at having left the chaos of my life in London. It was an exciting time.

The first music sketch, 2002. I looked at a blank page one day and the usual stream of dark energy that had always fuelled my work didn't come. The lyrics to the tune which engulfed my studio, sang 'ain't nothing wrong' and it was true. It was the beginning of a new era. The tune: Bullet (afrofunk remix) by Fluke.

You can see an animation of the painting 'aint nothing wrong,' and a few other shorts inspired by music on the animation page.

There are also coloured versions of most of these sketches in the Flozbox shop for only £30!